Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 27, 2010

Well week one is completed and its great i miss all of you but i know that I'm doing what i need to be doing right now... this mite be a little random and stuff but i only have 30 mins so i cant waste any of it. so lets start at the beginning... well day one was kinda crazy i showed up and got out of the car and headed to check in with a random elder. then i went to my room and put my bags down to rush to my new home aka classroom we spend about eight hours a day in there but it flies by. the mtc is next to a mountain to it doesn't get light here til nine or so and it always long days and short night but anyways. my companion is elder Robinson he is from Missouri and the oldest of 10 kids and he got a letter yesterday saying that he will have a new sister in June that 11 for the slow ppl reading. Well there are eight elders in this from Elder stein Colorado, fuller from Wisconsin, tigges from north Carolina, suitter from Idaho(Jerome), wright from Mississippi and looks just like Blaine's roommate Jake... and honeycutt from Georgia(spell check that I'm in a rush... but they are a blast to be around... and did i say that elder Robinson and all his family is HOME SCHOOLED!!!! but we have made a bond they remind me of my friends back room but that wont compare to the brotherhood i have with my friends back home... its so nice here... the food is good but it gives everyone gas so think of 8 guys with gas all the time are two teacher probably don't in enjoy like we go. Well it snowed on my birthday and its coming down still and its a treat knowing i wont see it for two years... well last night we have a devo and let me take you through this cuz its a story i enjoy and cant compare to anything... well there are 2568 missionaries here and we all fit into a gym and the ones who don't have to to go to the over follow well last night we left 45 mins to get good seats to see but to our surprise the lines were already long and if you know me i was going to get me and my district( the other guys in my classroom) great seats ... well me and elder wright decided to try our best so we sneaked and pushed our way as far as we could forward and then i thought get some sisters and go to the front with them cuz they are always get in front of elders... so i did but this other elder called me out on it so now it was on i was determined to get better seats then jay Leno(since he had a chin just like him) so the doors open and the lines and moved and me and elder keep moving up and then we saw some sister getting pushed and so i got into a mood i haven't got while i was here but i flipped out i yelled knock it off and everyone just looked at me and i mite had to push couple ppl back but that just between us but the sister wasn't pushed and made it in ok... well we got seats about 15 row back and i was still determined to do better so i walked around looking i couldn't find any... so we all sat down and then i saw a usher put 10 fingers up meaning ten open seats so i said go and everyone looked at me and i said go again and so we sat one row back behind the row of deaf ppl and little to the right and then my fellow elder started giving me knucks as we alll stood when the speaker walked in and it was Elder Richard G. Scott an apostle called of god and i know everyone reading this doesn't know who he is but he is a common man that god has called to be an apostle just like in the bible and he talked on promptings and then at the end he ended with this and so will i and I quote "I know Jesus Christ he live he is the true example of love and he is our example he love us i love him and i know he lives because I know Jesus Christ" I love you my family and friends i do and if you emailed me i didn't read it since I'm typing the whole time... there is a site called ask kjersti about or my mom after she talks to kjersti about it... and thanks for the birthday wishes... love Elder Brian Carlton

ps Kjersti i saw jacob fowkes little brother yesterday
pss i love you alll i do and i know my savior lives and love each and everyone of us and till next week god be with you!!!

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