Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 2 in Hacienda, California

Well hello all!!!
Hope all is well at home. Here is getting easier to know where im at and where ppl live. The ppl of the ward here are nice to me and love to ask me about my life and i enjoy telling them. No one knows anything about Kansas! Well the past week we have been biking since we dont want to go over on our miles. Im felling a lot healthier now. Also we are talking to alot of ppl i enjoy talking bout the gospel with them and share past experience i have had. Still some days i feel like im in China but its ok. Let me share how i know im not in kansas anymore... We live 6.6 miles away from the church we go to. we take 7 turns and go through 4 stop signs and 18 stop lights in that 6.6 miles o and on a good day its takes 20 mins to get there so its a lot different. But its wonderful i have pictures going home soom i promise and i enjoy the time I am here. I have no real great stories this week. But a great quote is We show are love for Christ through our examples. Im excited and love teaching and sharing and I'm striving to be more like my savior everyday I know the truth and I love our Heavenly Father more then anything. I hope to hear from you all and let me know how your life is going. I am excited to find lost ppl and show them the way Christ lived. I want to talk with all sorts of ppl and learn and strive to be a better influience on everyone I come into contact with! I'm teaching a father who the rest of his family was baptized months ago and I can tell how much he loves his family. Also im teaching a 10th and 8th grader that fell away from the church a while go cuz there mom is a drug addict and now they live with there uncle and i can tell they are just ppl wanting to do whats right but its hard in the society they live in!! I love you all and hope that you remember what our Savior did for us and how life here impossible without God our Heavenly Father may god bless you all and a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

With love untill next time,
Elder Brian Daniel Carlton

A Couple of Pictures

Here I am at the mission office in Arcadia California

Here I am with President and Sister Pike

This is me on my 1 month mark! ! !

Monday, November 15, 2010


Week One
HELLO from CALIFORNIA... Well thats where i think im at it does really seem like it sometimes.... LOTS of Asian where we live but its going good. First off the work here has been kinda hard next door to our church is a huge catholic church i mean 9 buildings worth monster... ajnd everyone goes there or they go to the buddist temple which is the biggest of second biggest in norht america... and so its hard to talk... here is a good story so far.. i know ill have tons more cuz me and my companion (elder thompson) roommates Elder Piper (also a Michigan fan) has a gun in his presence 4 times... so im excited to see one :) but the story now... well from 5-7pm we walk around talk to ppl and knock doors and i was like lets go to that door to i ring the door bell and hear a black lady yell "whoi is it" i replied the missionaries of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints she said go away so i steped sideways so i could look in side and as a i did then black man all "ganstrad out" gets out of the chair and i was thinkimg o no and i was like could i leave a card and she said a selected word from a sailors vocab and followed by no at that point the man was walking towards me and we left quickly... so i know nothing to big but got my heart racing a little.
Well i hope you could follow this story im a teriible writing ill improve... also the new address is
Elder Brian Daniel Carlton
170 W Durate Rd
Arcadia, CA 91007

If you like to write me that would be the best since i am limited to time on the computer... Ill be sending photos home some time next week for the blog i do not remember the address for that but if you text my mother at 6202859216 and yes she will text you back and she is fast but probably faster now... well when i take pics of our apartment and other pics you will be able to see how i roll in the Cali... and im in Haciendia area if anyone whats to look that up on the map ill get a map here and highlight the area and then send it home to get uploaded on the blog... so get excited for the all the things to come... Fun fact for the day. in two days its already been a year I know its crazy but i cant wait to get lost in the work here..

As always i will leave you with a short little something something....
I know Jesus lives and everyone and wants us to return to him and be in Gods presence. I the the gospel of Christ is on the earth today and blesses many lives. I hope my example here will help others to come to know our loving heavenly father and his son Jesus Christ. I Love the gospel I love alll of you I know I will help others come to know Jesus Christ and I will use all my might mind and strenght to help all I can. With love Elder Brian Daniel Carlton

Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 3, 2010

Well i have six days left and im off to california but anyways the last weeek havent been that exciting just lots and lots of classes. But sorry this letter will be short but i have others things i must do... But anyways i have enjoyed learning more and studying and always having time to take some personal time for myself... but Elder M. Russell Ballard talked to us last night and it was great... and besides that its just study study study and prepare to leave next Tuesday. Love all Elder Carlton