Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 2 in Hacienda, California

Well hello all!!!
Hope all is well at home. Here is getting easier to know where im at and where ppl live. The ppl of the ward here are nice to me and love to ask me about my life and i enjoy telling them. No one knows anything about Kansas! Well the past week we have been biking since we dont want to go over on our miles. Im felling a lot healthier now. Also we are talking to alot of ppl i enjoy talking bout the gospel with them and share past experience i have had. Still some days i feel like im in China but its ok. Let me share how i know im not in kansas anymore... We live 6.6 miles away from the church we go to. we take 7 turns and go through 4 stop signs and 18 stop lights in that 6.6 miles o and on a good day its takes 20 mins to get there so its a lot different. But its wonderful i have pictures going home soom i promise and i enjoy the time I am here. I have no real great stories this week. But a great quote is We show are love for Christ through our examples. Im excited and love teaching and sharing and I'm striving to be more like my savior everyday I know the truth and I love our Heavenly Father more then anything. I hope to hear from you all and let me know how your life is going. I am excited to find lost ppl and show them the way Christ lived. I want to talk with all sorts of ppl and learn and strive to be a better influience on everyone I come into contact with! I'm teaching a father who the rest of his family was baptized months ago and I can tell how much he loves his family. Also im teaching a 10th and 8th grader that fell away from the church a while go cuz there mom is a drug addict and now they live with there uncle and i can tell they are just ppl wanting to do whats right but its hard in the society they live in!! I love you all and hope that you remember what our Savior did for us and how life here impossible without God our Heavenly Father may god bless you all and a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

With love untill next time,
Elder Brian Daniel Carlton


  1. Hey did you know I had a Little Sister named Anna. She is 4 years old.